About Us

Mission Statement

Toilets for People (TfP) is a social business that designs and manufactures waterless composting toilets and trains NGO partners in the developing world how to build, install & maintain them.

TfP specializes in providing hygienic sanitation solutions for flood-prone areas, informal urban settlements and displaced persons camps – places where pit latrines, flush toilets and EcoSan vault latrines fail.

we make Affordable composting toilets that last

Now where did TfP come from?

TfP got its start as a project through Engineers without Borders (EWB) New York City Professional chapter. In 2010, Jason Kass was leading a team of engineers tasked with finding a toilet that would work for a health clinic built on stilts to keep it above the floodwaters that submerge the community of Belen, Peru six months out of the year. Pit latrines, flush toilets and EcoSan vault latrines were not options for this flood-prone community. Jason thought of the waterless composting toilet he has at his cabin in Vermont where the groundwater is too high to put in a septic system. He put the challenge to the team of EWB engineers to replicate that model using local materials available in this remote town in the Peruvian Amazon. At this point Toilets for People was born and six years later we have been able to realize that goal of a hygienic, affordable toilet that works for the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) as well as relief workers and off-grid homeowners.