Meet Our Team

Jason Kass

Jason Kass

President & Founder

Jason is founder and president of Toilets for People (TfP), a social business, created in 2012, that designs and manufactures composting toilets and trains NGO partners in the developing world how to install and maintain these toilets. TfP is the intersection of appropriate technology and sleek, attractive design — seeking a higher quality of life for our customers and advancing global development. TfP specializes in serving communities living in flood prone and waterlogged areas where conventional sanitation technologies like pit latrines and flush toilets fail. Jason, an environmental engineer by trade, has 15 years experience in water, sanitation and environmental cleanup. Jason has been applying his skills to international development since joining Engineers without Borders in 2006. Since then, he has worked on water and sanitation projects in Kenya, Peru, El Salvador, Senegal, Nicaragua and Haiti. Jason received his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Tufts University in Environmental Engineering.

Avromi Kanal

Health Metrics Lead

Avromi received his MD at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He joined TfP to combine his passions for global health, environmental medicine and carpentry. Avromi devoted his final year of medical school toward researching the TfP Waterless Toilet’s effect in lowering incidence in diarrheal illness and sanitation-related comorbidities in TfP’s target population. To spread the word regarding the potential community-level health benefits of TfP Waterless Toilet installations, he published a peer-reviewed paper documenting the results of his research, which he regularly presents in a poster presentation at medical conferences. Between clinical rotations, Avromi enjoys writing and listening to music, tai chi, and long car rides with his wife, Sara.

phoebe law

Phoebe Law

Director of Business Development

Phoebe has a dual-degree in mechanical engineering and astrophysics and is still looking to learn more. When not working at a civil engineering firm, she volunteers at a middle school after school program (Sail Academy) and is active in the Belen Project of the Engineers Without Borders-NYC chapter. She enjoys exploring and is always searching for opportunities in developing technologies and/or global aid work.

Dustin Peabody

Director of Digital Fabrication

Dustin is a recent college graduate from the State University of New York at Oswego where he studied Technology Management. He is currently the Director of Digital Fabrication at Staten Island MakerSpace where he helps implement digital technology into the manufacturing process of their clients projects. At Toilets for People, Dustin aids in the prototyping process of the TfP Space-Saver Waterless Toilet and helps to continue improving the designs of current and future products. He has helped implement CNC technology to streamline the manufacturing process of the TfP Space-Saver. In April of 2016, Dustin and Jason went on a return trip to Peru to collect data on previously installed composting toilets, and to build new TfP Waterless Toilets for the the villages preschool. When he’s not working with TfP, Dustin is an avid soccer player and cyclist.