Developing Country TfP Projects

TfP’s In-Country Projects serve to familiarize the NGO partners and the toilet users with the TfP waterless, spinning drum composting toilet technology. TfP is piloting the TfP Composting Toilet in Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Senegal with our partner NGOs. In-country pilots include training NGO staff, providing capacity building to community members and constructing & installing 3 waterless bathrooms using local materials and labor.

How it works

The average in-country material cost to build a locally made, TfP Composting toilet, TfP Pee Toilet and TfP Urinal is $200.

Approximate cost to hire TfP to conduct an in-country bathroom construction and installation project:

For a fee of between $5,000 and $10,000, inclusive, a TfP team will come to your location to train your NGO staff, provide capacity building to community members and construct & install 3 TfP Composting Toilets (with urine diversion) and 3 TfP Pee Toilets (sit down or squat style) and 3 TfP Urinals (stand up style for men) using local materials and labor. Trip duration is typically 10 days including travel time.