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The TfP Composting Toilet is an affordable, self-contained, waterless toilet that uses a proven technology to safely treat human waste.

Now, what is a self-contained, waterless composting toilet?

It starts with a horizontally mounted rotating drum, much like a garden composter, that sits inside a box. This proven technology has been the industry standard since the 1970s in the US and Canada.

You pee and poop into the drum, cover it with saw dust or dry leaves or ash, spin it once a week. The urine diversion system routes the urine (which is generally sterile) either into a container for later disposal or is discharged directly into a soak pit.

Natural aerobic decomposition eliminates dangerous pathogens and foul odors. It also reduces the volume of the waste by 80% so the user only needs to empty the drum out once every 2 months.

After you empty it out, you dig a hole a foot deep, put the compost in the hole, cover it with wood ash, charcoal ash or agricultural lime (this is to dry it out & raise the pH which kills the pathogens thereby disinfecting the waste) and finally cover it all over with dirt and you’re done!

The compost can also be used as fertilizer for planting trees seedlings for cash crops or reforestation efforts – as long as it is buried with ash/lime a foot deep under ground below the tree root ball.

The compost is not to be used to fertilize surface crops in case any pathogens are still present in the waste.

The TfP Urination Fixture is a simple urination fixture designed for females. The urine can be collected in a container for use as a fertilizer or for later disposal. The urine can also be simply discharged directly to the ground via a soak pit.

The TfP Urinal is designed for men – stand-up style, similar to what you would see in a port-a-potty.

TfP Ventilation Kit

Included in the cost of the TfP Composting Toilet.
The kit comes equipped with a 0.1 Amp 12V In-Pipe Fan and a 500mA 12V AC Plug-in Adaptor.
This item is optional but recommended for toilet installations inside a dwelling.

TfP Pee Toilet

Designed for females. Cost is $195 (free shipping in the continental US). Constructed of durable, recycled HDPE Plastic.
Purchase includes two 1-gallon liquid storage containers. Total weight is 20 pounds.
Dimensions are 14″ wide by 17″ long by 19.5″ high.
Made in USA

TfP Urinal

Designed for males. Cost is $95 (free shipping in the continental US).
Purchase includes a 2 gallon liquid storage container. Total weight is 8 pounds. Made in USA

“People living off-grid and in Tiny Houses deserve an affordable, compact toilet that is easy to install and use. For DIYers, the TfP Composting Toilet is easy to maintain and fix if needed using easy to find local materials.”

TfP Urination Fixture