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Where do flush toilets fail and where are composting toilets a good solution in the USA?

The loss of sewage systems due to flooding is not only a problem in the developing world as we have seen in the wake of disasters like Hurricane Sandy that hit the East coast in October 2012.

During these type of major flooding episodes, sewage pumping stations that coastal communities rely on to maintain their wastewater conveyance systems often fail when the power goes out. Unfortunately, aging off-grid backup systems due to their infrequent use are often inoperable as well. Furthermore, the lack of fresh water availability at these times prevents homeowners from being able to flush their toilets in the first place.

As interest grows among individuals looking to establish a home-based, decentralized climate change resilience strategies for their families – the lack of affordable, sustainable and viable back-up toilet options can be a source of disquiet as they seek the piece of mind that being prepared for future disasters brings.

Thousands of composting toilets are sold every year in the US. Most of these toilets are purchased by cottage owners and people living off-grid.

Sometimes this is a choice. You may have the ability to install a flush toilet system, but the cost is high and the environmental impact significant -both in terms of water use and pollution of our environment at the end of the pipe.

Sometimes, flush toilets are just not an option due to a high groundwater table, frequent flooding, limited space for infrastructure or a desire to be mobile.

Applications for using the TfP Space-Saver Waterless Toilet:

  • Manufacturers of Tiny Houses & other manufactured homes to integrate into their home product line
  • Tiny House homeowners
  • Vacation Cabin and Cottage Owners
  • Mobile homes owners
  • Off-grid Homeowners
  • Homeowners in Sensitive Environmental Areas
  • Preparedness Market (commonly known as “Preppers”) – add a hygienic toilet to your bug out bag.
  • Backup Toilet – have a waterless, self-contained solution like the TfP Space-Saver Waterless Toilet on hand as a back up toilet to use right at home. During power outages water stops flowing in the pipes so there is none to flush the toilets – plus power outages often disable sewage conveyance and treatment systems – rendering flush toilets inoperable.

Making use of the TfP Waterless Toilet if you bought it as a backup/just in case toilet…

The TfP Composting Toilet makes a great, animal-proof, backyard garden composter prior to using it as a toilet. Once you use it as a toilet, it should stay that way 🙂

Benefits of TfP Composting Toilets:

  • Eco-friendly – saves water and has minimal impact on the environment relative to flush toilets;
  • Affordable –relative to septic systems, and especially relative to septic mound systems often required in areas with high groundwater;
  • Easy to set-up and maintain – can be set up the same day – TfP Space-Saver is shipping fully assembled and ready to install. Just spin the drum to aerate once per week using an external handle and empty out compost once every 2 months (based on full time use by 2 adults);
  • The standard TfP Space-Saver (7.5-gallon drum capacity plus 9-gallon secondary storage bin) meets the toilet needs of 2 adults (full time);
  • Easier to maintain, takes up less space, is more hygienic and less odorous than the DIY 5-gallon bucket system;
  • Easier to repair should something break than manufactured composting toilets that use custom made components as opposed to the off the shelf components that Toilets for People uses; and
  • Significantly more affordable (a fraction of the cost!) compared to equivalent rotating drum composting toilets on the market.