Toilets for People

Toilets for People (TfP) is a Social Enterprise that Designs and Manufactures Self-Contained, Waterless Composting Toilets.

TfP Provides an Affordable, Sustainable and Ecological Toilet Solution to People Living Off-Grid in Cabins, Tiny Houses, Boats and RVs.

The TfP Composting Toilet includes a proven composting technology, urine diversion system and a ventilation kit making it odorless. It is shipped fully assembled & ready to install.

Made of Recycled Marine Grade High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic, the TfP Composting Toilet weighs 65 pounds and has the following dimensions:
17.5″ wide; 24″ long;
28.5″ high. Seat height from the step is a standard 19.5″;
Height of the step is 9″

The cost = $895 (free shipping within the continental US). Made in USA

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