Toilets for People

Toilets for People (TfP) is a Social Enterprise that Designs and Manufactures Self-Contained, Waterless Composting Toilets.

TfP Provides an Affordable, Sustainable and Ecological Toilet Solution to People Living Off-Grid in Cabins, Tiny Houses, Boats and RVs.

The TfP Space-Saver Composting Toilet includes a proven composting technology, urine diversion system and a ventilation kit making it odorless. It is shipped fully assembled & ready to install.

Made of Recycled Marine Grade High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic, the TfP Space-Saver weighs 65 pounds and has the following dimensions:
16″ wide; 24″ long;
27.5″ high (seat height from the step is a standard 19.5″;
Height of the step is 8″

The cost = $675, plus tax & shipping.

Made in USA

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TfP also provides manufactured waterless toilets and other bathroom products to NGOs working in disaster relief and international development.

In addition to selling products to our NGO partners, TfP also trains those NGO partners and craftsmen in the communities they serve in the developing world how to build, install & maintain our waterless bathroom products.

Toilets for People specializes in providing hygienic sanitation solutions to serve people living in flood-prone areas, urban slums and displaced persons camps – places where pit latrines and flush toilets fail.

TfP’s sanitation solution is an affordable, self-contained waterless toilet that uses a proven technology to safely treat human waste.

In-Country TfP Waterless Composting Toilet Construction & Installation Projects with Non-Profit Partner Training

The average in-country material cost to build a locally-made version of the TfP Waterless Composting Toilet is $150.

The in-country TfP Waterless Composting Toilet design can be modified on location based on site-specific needs and resources available. Spinning composting drum capacity can range from 10 gallons to 55 gallons depending on the usage requirements.

Sit-down or squat versions of the TfP Waterless Toilets can be made on location depending on local preferences and cultural norms.

The approximate cost to hire Toilets for People to conduct an in-country 2-week waterless toilet training and installation project:

$10,000, inclusive, to train NGO staff, provide capacity building to community members and construct & install 3 local versions of the TfP waterless composting toilet – all using local materials and labor.

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